Prayer how excellent is your name

I love calling on your name Father, that’s why I can say every day of my life how excellent is your name, because you keep us, and protect us, and provide for us it’s like we should have more to say to you Lord but sometimes the words just want come, and when that happens I ask that you would just listen to our hearts. Help us to be diligent in telling others of our love for them and sharing your word with them for your glory, Father we realize it is impossible to please you without faith, but master I realize that it’s just something when we call on the name of Jesus, and Father I as come this day I just want to thank for another night of sleep, thank you for the raising of this day, thank you for the shining of the sun, O Eternal God, you who caused the Holy Scriptures to be written come now unto the aid of your people. Father give us peace in this day grant us your mercy and keep us safe throughout this day that we may embrace and hold fast to the blessed hope of your love. Lord God almighty, come and dispel the darkness from our hearts, you who live and reign in the heavenly, that in the radiance of your brightness we may know you, the only unfading light, glorious in all eternity. Thanks be to you God for you are the God of hope filling us with all joy and peace in believing through the power of the Holy Spirit. O God, how excellent is your name. You are there when our fears of the unknown seem to be overwhelming. Father you are there telling us that we are worthy and we thank you God for your healing power. Even when it doesn’t come when we desire it, we thank you for enduring power. We Praise you right now God for your awesomeness, for your Grace, for your mercies and for the victory over all illness and diseases. We pray right now that you continue in your faithfulness to us as you continue to encourage, comfort, heal and provide for all that are going through for we know that you are with us. You are the Creator, all seeing and knowing God and we thank you. God, I ask that you bring peace in the midst of our hopelessness, confusion, loneliness, despair and depression. God, we come before you to say thank you for your Faithfulness to us. You are always there even when we don’t feel you. Your ever present Faithfulness to us brings comfort even during receipt of discomforting news your Faithfulness allows us to know that you are true to your word that you will not leave us comfortless and we thank you. We know that you are right in the midst of those that are going through difficult times, the pain, the sickness, the treatments and even the remissions due to illness. We Praise you right now for the Healing, for the Strength, for your cleansing Power, your Miracles that have come and are yet to come and for your Loving kindness. Again we thank you for your Faithfulness towards us. This is our prayer, in the Name that is above All names, Jesus. Amen




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