Prayer for knowing what the meaning of Christmas means

Father God I thank you that you don’t judge us for being hypocrites about one holiday are another, we pick and choose holidays that we are going to celebrate as though none of them have any real meaning to them, but today my father, as we your children prepare to partake of this holiday season that we call Christmas, help us to remember the real reason for the season. As we prepare in a season of celebration of the birth of you Lord help us to know that, that is what it’s all about. I’m asking Father that you walk with us and guide our every action, thought and deed concerning the true meaning of your birth. I pray that even in all the excitement of opening present that we remember those of us that know you for our self that we will keep it Holy. Father God with all the hustle and Bustle of this season help to be mindful that it’s not about the buying, or the giving, it’s not about the mistletoe or the eggnog, but it’s about that night when a young girl give birth to the messiah, the one who would come into to this world and die for us. It’s about baby Jesus who laid in a trough but the story call it a manger. Help us to remember that this same Jesus came through 42 generations just for us, help us to remember that He’s Mary’s baby, our lily of the valley and our bright morning star. Father help us think of the eternal effects of our Saviors birth into this world. Help us remember the highest and greatest blessing of all is that one day soon He will be coming back for His church without a mark or blemish. Help us to remember that someday we are going to be in the presence of our Elder brother, and in your presence my Heavenly Father and His Glory we just what it to surround us and there will be no more sorrow as worldly things will have passed. On that day Father will be with our Mothers, and our Fathers, with our Sister’s and our Brother’s and we sure cannot forget about that Heavenly host that’s talked about in the book of Hebrews, such a great cloud of Host. Because of our Savior’s birth death and resurrection. We will spend eternity with you God. That is what the true meaning of Christmas means to me. Praise I come with on this morning master before you in this Holy Season of Christmas. You promised a holy birth and a sign of Peace and Appeasement between you our God and we your people. Well God let us not forget that even though we will be unwrapping present, let us remember that he was the greatest gift you gave us that when we unwrap Him the only thing will change will  be the wrapping but the gift that you give us Jesus He will never change. Hallelujah I declare that my family will serve you our God all the days of our lives. Make your power and presence manifest in our lives and in my home and in my children’s homes and in our lives. I’m praying and asking right now Father starting in this day that we take the time to make peace, to forgive those who have hurt us, to reconcile with those who have fallen out with us and to bring love and unity into our homes. Teach us Father, how to live according to your will. Heal us, bind all our wounds and reconcile our relationships. Bless us Father and let our hearts overflow with your Grace so that we may extend this grace to one another and love each one the way you have loved us. Luke 2: 11-12 for there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be the sign to you, you will find a babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger. Father, as I pray this day help us to reflect on the lowly manger where Jesus was born, where no riches of the world welcomed His Royal birth. Help us to remember the reason He was born unto us so that we may follow His life and footsteps and make His mission into an everlasting act of the way we lead our lives. Help me to remember the reason He was born so that the ministry you are now birthing in me to server your people your people, give me the strength and power to server like never before. Help me to live with integrity, respect, truth, and honor. In this season Father help us to reach out to the poor, to the homeless, to those who are in the nursing homes. Help us to ever reach out to those that are behind prison walls, that is what this season is all about master. O God the reason for Jesus’s birth was to bring the Light of Hope and Grace and your everlasting Love and mercy and Compassion towards us that is what this Christmas mean to me. We thank you Father for this great gift of Jesus, that in His birth, life and resurrection, we are restored in Grace in eternal life with you. This is my prayer in your blessed name Jesus. Amen



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