Prayer Speak to me Lord

Dear Lord, I come this morning asking that you would just began to speak to your people because when you speak to us things began to happen, but there are times we often fail to hear you because we want to do things our way,  it may have been a prayer we prayed for something and you’re getting ready to give the answer and we don’t want to know because of fear that it’s not the answer we want to hear. And when we hear you master we sometimes are just like we want what we want and so often time we fail to understand the reason behind the no or the not yet answer. And when we understand and we do pay attention, we often time fail to obey you. Eternal God it’s time we stop playing and put away all childish things, it’s time for us to forget about the mistakes that were made and start focusing on what you are about to do in our lives, God you just spoke a profound word just on Thursday night overflow, I believe master that you are getting ready to do a new thing in your people lives if we would only obey. Speak to us God because in this season I believe your people are listening, speak master because you’re getting ready to place the right people in our lives, speak God because you are getting ready to remove some stuff that’s be weighing us down and it’s time to let go of it. Speak Lord, because you are getting ready to close doors and prepare for us new and improve opportunities. I realize that the pruning process is uncomfortable and painful, and I for one don’t like to deal with pain, but I recognize now Jesus that it’s for my good. Father I’m asking you now to speak to us when our hearts are broken and I want you to know that we sure enough believe in a broken hearted God. We know that you are a pain sharer, a sin bearer, a justice keeper, speak to us Lord, because we believe in a God that is a redeeming God, a reconcilable God, a God who is a renewal and a restorer of all things. But master I’m asking you to just speak to us Lord, God because there are times I know that we loose our faith, there have been times that we even question our faith, and I know that we are not perfect master that’s why we need you to speak to us, there are times that we loose our tempers that’s why we need you to speak to us to keep that nasty temper under control. See master we need you to speak us Lord, because if you turn away from us I don’t know what would become of your people, we need Jesus, that’s why we can thank you enough today because you love us unconditionally. Lord, we thank you right now for you are a God that has something for your people a key to solve our problems, a light for when we are stumbling in the dark, and a plan for our tomorrows that’s why I’m asking you now master to please speak to us because there or those who are still reluctant to pray they say I don’t pray because I don’t believe in prayer, but one thing I know as I pray for them on this day, that the prayer is not for you master it’s for them, I believe in miracles, I believe in miracles O God because I believe in the power of you O God and the power of prayer and I’m believing right now for those who don’t believe I’m praying that God you would do a new thing in them in this season, because once that happen they won’t be able to say it was my mamma, or my daddy, they won’t be able to say it was my sister or my brother, they won’t be able to say it was my friend or my wife, or even my children, but I’m asking that you would just do a new thing in their life. Lord, don’t let them miss the miracle, don’t let them miss the message, and please master don’t let them miss the method, because if they miss that then God they have missed you, it’s in Jesus name I pray Amen.

 Minister AJ


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