Prayer for breath of life

Heavenly Father, you are my everything you are the all-knowing God, you are the creator of life and the very breath we breathe it comes from you. I think you for life, and I think you because you took the time to create man from dirt and you breathed life into his body, and that breath became a living soul, because of that my Father from the moment you breathe life in to man his spirit and now our spirit we can move in your spirit as you have given each of us life and I thank you. Acts 17:25 says that you God give all men life and breath. And when I look at what Job 34:14–15 says that if you O God were to withdraw your breath from humankind that we would return to dust. But I’m so glad I understand master because the bottom line to all this is every breath we take is miracle and I thank you. Father as we come to the closing of 2015 please remind us your people that we are yours and that you sustain everything about us. I ask that you would just fill us with your spirit and your power and your presence, Father as you open our mouth to breathe open our heart to your goodness I thank you for your grace. Lord, because you hung up there on that cross you gave us a freedom that nobody else could do. Master today we began to let go of the very things that separate us from you and for us to realize the miracle of the breathe that you give us that If we were asked right now God if we ever experienced a miracle Father, God that answer is yes because your breathing breath into us was just that a miracle in and of it say all day long so we thank you master right now in Jesus name Amen.






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