Prayer of Miracles in this season

Father on this morning I come because somebody needs a miracle, O God in my private time with you this morning I thanked you for all you have given me, I even thanked you for the things that I have not gotten and yet still believe they will come, but this morning O God beside me somebody needs a miracle in a mighty big way, and on this morning I just want us to know that miracles just don’t happen without the activity of the Holy Spirit, O God they just don’t, but because we know you for ourselves we can say it’s true when it comes down to the amazing event that took place where our savior was born and to this day master I still believe in miracles and that they do still happen. Father is there is a lesson to be learned from this is that we just cannot live the life O God you want for us and achieve our dreams that you have for your people without your power. Lord, God that why we can’t miss the miracle in this season. God my Father, you are our comforter, you are our help, you are our friend, I ask on this morning that you would hear your people cry, hear us today O God, like never before. Lord, God there are those who have no roof over their heads and are homeless, I’m calling on you this morning master, because there are those who are and have been praying for miracles for love ones to be healed, there are those who are suffering many physical afflictions, mentally, emotionally, Lord they are in pain and fearful. O God I’m so tired of seeing and hearing about innocent people being killed because of the hard hearts of those that just don’t believe you exist, God I come this morning asking that you would please Father just touch the hearts of those people, free them from themselves, and please master, right now in the name of Jesus. I choose to believe that you still perform miracles every day and because you are still performing those miracles every day, I know that there is healing in some of those miracles that you are performing, I know that you are even still answering prayers, and master I chose to just believe this. I ask for your healing hand to touch me right now and touch and heal my mind, touch and heal my heart, touch and heal my back, touch and heal my legs, touch and heal right now in the name of Jesus. Lord there are those who are in need and asking you to help with their bills, help with housing, help with a car, help, help, they just need help. Father the homeless is my passion I’m asking you Jesus that you would open up doors, that I can be the one you use to begin helping to solve this problem, please Jesus, God I’m not saying that there is no one that’s trying to help, but God I know the passion you have placed in me for this assignment, so if you would Jesus began to open up the doors for me.  Those who need a healing touch them with healing, healing of cancer, of mental illness, of depression, of lung cancer, of migraine headaches, lymphedema, God in the arms, legs, and sometimes the  face, heal right now God, and all other illness I have not mention, those who are in rehabilitation centers, and hospital, Lord, God those who are in NICU, ICU,  the burn unites, God you know who they are coming on and see about your children thy need a miracle that they might be set free from this suffering and set free from the pain and fear. Lord God as the Christmas season comes upon us I ask that you would grant those who find themselves in trouble with the law that master you would grant them divine pardon in this season master, they may be young and don’t really understand fully what they have done, I’m not asking that they don’t be punished but I’m asking that you would just have mercy upon them Father. Please let this healing come to pass in their life that they may know that even the very thing they did wrong to place them where they are let them know that you are a forgiving God. Holy Ghost, come upon the body of those who are already incarcerated speak to their mine heal their body, cleanse their souls, you are a changing God. Lord somebody didn’t sleep well last night but on tonight O God touch their body and their mind that when they lay down their sleep will be peaceful and bring about healing and restoration to them. Please! God I don’t understand why it take so long for us to catch on that they just can’t continue doing the same things over and over again and it expect something different to happen.  I don’t understand why some people get healed instantly and yet others seem to take a long time to heal. But I choose to believe that your ways are Holy, even when I don’t understand them. So Father help us to be patient as you are patient with us and have faith that the promises of you God will come to pass in my life and in their life as the truth. Help us in this day to stay strong in our faith and help us to understand trouble don’t last always help us not Father to deal with the burden until we are freed from it, because I do believe this, if you have brought us to it, you are a big enough God to bring us through and yes God we even cause some of those if not all to come upon us ourselves but we thank you for your mercy, I believe it will be done by your Holy hands. Please answer our prayers. We need a miracle master and you are the miracle giver. I choose to believe that you oh Lord have heard our cries unto you and that you love us in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

. . .  Acts 4:12  . . .






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