Prayer of Fervent prayer morning

Good morning, Lord Jesus. In this day we would ask that you would show us your ways, teach us your truths, and lead your children into the fullness of life. Father we come by to take the time to say thank you for watching over us last, thank you for the sheltering over our heads, Father because you are the good shepherd let your people hear from you this day. Let us hear you call our name as you did with Elijah. I’m asking you this morning to move in our hearts as you moved in Elijah’s so that we may declare to your people the drought in this season is over we don’t have to wait until 2106 to start declaring it, we can do it right now in the last 24 days of this year that the rain is on its way. What I know Jesus that in this season the people have to believe, they have to keep praying your word, they got to keep pushing  and praying until something happen, they have to keep praying until something happen. I know you are a sovereign God I’ve seen you move in time past and we need you Jesus to move again. I come this morning with a fervent heart of prayer I come believing your word will come to pass and your promises will be fulfilled in your people lives. Lord, let it be so in this day. Give us a holy tenacity to persevere in fervent prayer until we see the birth of this new day in the Spirit, the day of breakthrough and awakening I believe O God it is coming. But God even when we don’t see it right away, let us keep praying; let us keep believing let us keeping hoping. Even when we see the first signs of the cloud of your presence and fulfillment of your promise, let us keep praying. O that you would open up the heavens and come down and just began to restore your people. O Lord, let us hear the sound of rushing rain as we are persevere by your grace in fervent, passionate, tenacious prayer. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. Be encouraged today people of God! O I Love you Jesus.



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