Prayer for starting your Morning

Master, savior, Jesus, you are our good shepherd. God you are so good to us, and I just had to come by later this morning thanking you for your power that flowed through the prayer services this morning, we just want to thank you for your anointing that you allowed us to feel this morning. we just want to thank you for having your way with us on this morning, I really believe the ones that heard the prayers on this they were freed and delivered from some stuff.  Some body even now master need you to just talked them and let them know that everything is going to be alright. Some body need what they call cooling water, it’s the kind of water that refreshes their souls, and cannot be found in any store this water can only come by you. Because of you master none us lack anything, you met our every need. They tell me that you are the Lamb of God you are the one to take away our sin forever, and now I’m God we realize that we can be dressed in your righteousness, Lord we come to thee on this morning, Ohhhh how we need you master every hour we need you I’m asking right now Father that you would just bless right now my savior because we are coming to you worn down, torn down, and we just need some building up this morning, we need thee this morning, because there is no other help we know, we come on this new morning thanking you for rest and shelter of the night, thanking you God for giving us another day, thanking you for another chance to become a better individual, thanking you for another chance to give and experience love. Thanking you God for giving us health, for the food you provide, for the awareness you have awaken in each one of us. Thanking you for the energy that feeds our soul, the sun that warms our bodies and the air that fills our lungs. You rule the whole world with your truth and grace. God, please show us how to love our self and to be able to love others. Help us become the type of persons that we would like to befriend, help us forgive our self and forgive others. God, if you would make us a channel of your energy and help us understand. I thank you God for giving us another day, I thank you master for another unused opportunity to do it right, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, I don’t care what you might be facing this day, go back and just remember what He is to you and I guarantee you that your problem is not bigger than my God. So whatever your people maybe going through this morning, rather it’s in the court room, the operating room the class room, on the job, in the nursing home, in the rehabilitation centers, the senseless killings that’s going on in California, Colorado, the killings that took place in Paris France, no matter what’s going on over in Kenya, Mexico, no matter where anything may be going on in this word this morning, Ohhhh God let your power full a fresh, fight these battle for them and for us because God you will win, every time, you have won, and you keep doing  it over and over and over again, Let your power full fresh on the white house and the president and his family, let you power for fresh on congress and the senate, watch over our children in this day, cover them master as only you can and I ask you now for traveling grace in the mighty name of Jesus this is my prayer in the name of Jesus Amen.



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