Prayer who you are to us Jesus

Loving Lord Jesus, I come thanking you for who you are to me, you to me Jesus you’re are my bread when I’m hungry, you’re my shepherd and I shall not want. You’re my brother and my sister, you’re my teacher, my guide, you are the anointed one, you are Emmanuel God with us, you are the truth, you are my door, you’re my savior, you’re my King, you’re my rock, you’re Yeshua, you’re ruler, you’re life, you’re the way, you’re Alpha & Omega, you’re my companion, you are the sent word. You are a gentle God and full of love. I know that you love us even though we are not worthy of it, we are just an ordinary people that need you God in our life, master I’m asking you to please forgive our shortcomings and accept us as your children. Bless us in all areas of our life that Ohhhh how we  need you to be a blessing in us, Lord you said to us that you would be a Father to the Fatherless, a Mother to the motherless, 2 Corinthians 6:18. God your love can not be compared to that of our earthly father’s love. Because you don’t see our flaws, you only see us as your loving children that you have made you’re your own hands. So Lord, God we come to you this morning for you are the lifter upper of our souls. Father we want to feel your Holy Spirit resting in us, Lord we thank you for where you brought us from, Lord you mean more to us today then you did yesterday, and each new day you allow us to see you mean more and more to us. Now, Heavenly Father, we know you to be the mighty creator of all things so we come asking right now in the name of Jesus, for those who don’t know you, we come asking for their forgiveness, Father we stand in the gap with those that don’t know you for themselves yet, but we come this morning master believing that you have already forgiven them, we ask that you would guide their lives and help them to better and we believe that one day soon they will fall down to their knees asking what it is they must do to be saved, thank for your mercy, guide them and help them to do well until their change come. Now Father we thank you for last night sleep and as most of us have already started our day we for a fresh anointing to be pour down upon, thank you for watching over us all night long in Jesus name Amen.  Amen.




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