Prayer wrapped up tied up and tangle up in Jesus

Father, God I come this morning asking that you would wrap me in your arms, I’m not nothing without you I just got to thank you for waking us this morning, I know that you God and you along are worthy to be praise, I know that you are greater in our weakness, I know master it takes a big kind of faith that will move you and that why I’m humbling we are humbling ourselves before you for you are a might God. Lord in the reading of your word this morning from Isaiah 59:19-21.  I found that we need to get wrapped up, tried up and tangled up in God. I found that there is a word for those of us that have ever found ourselves in the midst of trouble. I found that there is a word for those of us who have found ourselves in the midst of circumstances.  I found that there is a word that is certainly there for those of us who have ever found ourselves alone with no help. Well Lord, just in case we might have missed it, it says that all of us everybody we ought not fool ourselves and think that just because we’re saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost, and there are those of us that even speak in tongues but it does not mean that we are exempt from being involved in when troubled times comes our way.  Father we know that we cannot just think that we are going to be exempt. See Lord I remember what job said and declared in Job 14:1. That man that is born of a woman is of few day, and full of trouble. Lord we know that it don’t stop us from going through the difficult dilemma and messed up moments. Father if we could just be a little transparent this morning, some of your children or going through something right now, Lord Just because we’re moving and operating in your will master doesn’t mean that the enemy will never send some trouble our way or even distractions. But Lord I’m so glad to know that when trouble comes glory to God in the highest, when all hell breaks loss and all kinds of havoc comes our way it’s just good to know, isn’t just good to know that when the enemy comes in like a flood, your Spirit Ohhhh God shall and will lift up a standard against us, see master right there is enough that we are ought to run and tell somebody that this morning.  Tell somebody, that our daddy got our back, tell somebody God that you haven’t forgotten about us that you got our Back, tell’ em you got us wrapped, tied up, and tangled up in Him. Hallelujah, so Father God I think you for all you have done and all you will be doing it’s still our season in 2015, I’m expecting my miracle, I love you Lord because you heard your people cry I bless you master in Jesus name Amen.



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