Prayer what a friend we have in Jesus

Lord Jesus, I think you for this morning that I can call you my friend. I thank you that I can bring all my pain, my fears, my concerns, I am grateful  master that on this day, I can bring all that I am and whatever has been broken master you can fix me. Welcome Holy Spirit, because there are some things that I thought I was over but soon found out that those feeling were just being mask, they were just lying underneath the surface of my mind and it wasn’t until recently my Father they became awaken, but Father I need to put them to rest once and for all, see Jesus I have been placed on a mission, and I know that the enemy comes to do three things, that’s his job, but see my job Father, is to seek your face in all I go through no matter how big or small, I realize I not strong enough to deal with it on my own because I will mess it up, but what I found out Jesus is that you did not leave me, your were right there along, and because you were there no matter how much my mind what wanted it, no matter how much my heart wanted you God and you along knew it was not the right time and you God kept me,  I realize Father that all that I am is because of who you made me to be, I shall not forget how you brought me through some of the worst days and nights of my life. Father it wasn’t until recently that I thought all of the pain of my past relationships were over but I soon found out that the hurts and memories were still there. Father God I believe that I had to go through that awakening  once and for all so that your power can move through me now more than ever before, I understand now master about the empting, I understand now about the forgiving, I understand now about finding the treasure within me, I understand now what it is to surrender, I understand now what it means to disconnect, I understand now master what it means to be position. Lord I just have to be honest with you God going through the process is not easy, going through the purging is not easy but I just want to say thank  you for it because all of that has me ready now for the next move you have for me Jesus, I can’t cry anymore because I’m all cried out, I am asking you now Jesus just to heal me now Lord, have your way with Father, show up now and show out, what the enemy meant for my down fall, Lord you got the Glory, I’m still standing, and I say thank you, because God I was not made to be broken, Hallelujah, Glory to God.  But master I come now this morning laying all of it at your feet because there is no other way, I found that out for myself, that you would look upon my brothers and sister, because they are still trying it their way, but master when they find that it just can’t go their way let them know that they can try you and you will work it out.  They tried everything else and everybody else and they will soon learn that nobody can do them you like you Lord. They tried it their way and some are finding out now it didn’t work.  Help them now Father and me to make the changes in our lives, Ohhh God I want you want to truly help me and help them let go of our past hurts, our past mistakes  I think you for your blood, I think you that you can hold me like no one else can. I thank you that you can love me like no one else, I thank you for you are my rock; I thank you master because you know everything about me and I just believe that you are already working it out. Lord, I pray that you will bless me, revive me, restore me, and anoint me afresh with your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, I come this morning bring you all of my junk, let’s not even talk about yesterday but God if it had not be for you Ohhhh Master I thank you that even in that Jesus you kept me, Ohhhh what a privilege it is to be in your presence on this morning, somebody could have to into my bedroom this morning and found that it was only the body their but master you told death no, and I thank you for this brand new day that why I’m here thanking you this morning, thanking you for my peace, that peace can’t come from anybody but you.  Father I’m  glad that you are everything I need, polish my ears now to hear your voice so that I don’t have to be deceive by the enemy because master you said where I am weak you are strong, I need your strength now master, I’m asking that you would train these eyes of mine that I might not be deceive at what I’m looking at Jesus, Lord before I was born you had already had it worked out, it’s just the process now Jesus of walking it out, and long as I got you Jesus I will be able to make this journey open my heart now  to the your truth in your word.  Lord God I’m asking you if you would guide me in all my ways and convict me of the sin in my life. Please equip me and prepare me to carry out your work Father, God, I don’t mine go ahead and work through me and my life. You are Yahweh,  Please my Father I’m asking you to fill me Lord, so that I may give you all the glory, because all the Glory belong to you , I give you praise, now and forever,  Father, I think you for your Son, I think you for being my friend and I think you because now I’m able more than ever before able to open and welcome in the Holy Spirit like never before, Yahweh have your way with me now, move in me now, breath in me now, awaken that which was dead now, thank you in Jesus name, the Bible say that you are the King of Kings, if you know him than you know that He’s the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon, O yes He is, He’s available for the tempted and the tried, the bible says no means of measure can define His limitless love, He forgives, He’s goodness, I know for myself that His yoke is easy, the Bibles says He supplies strength, He supplies every one of our needs. Has anyone body read the bible lately to know that Jesus is the rock of ages, He’s Mary’s baby, He’s the bright and morning star. Thank you Lord for being all those and more to us we don’t even deserve how great thou art. Ohhhh how I love you Jesus, you are my amazing grace, and if I need you in the court room you said you are my lawyer, if I need you in the operating room, you said you are my doctor, you said when I’m feeling lonely and all by myself you said you would be my company keeper, thank you for your grace and mercy for it has me us from a might long ways and as this day is getting ready to end allow your peace and the comforting of your Spirit rest around us in the Jesus name I pray Amen.

Ephesians 3:16-19, where Paul prays for the Ephesians for strengthening of their inner man.  The Holy Spirit is the one that accomplishes that strengthening:



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