Prayer there is something about the name of Jesus

O God when I mention your name something happens, and because of that master I ask now that you would allow me to come into your presence and you father would manifest your presence in me right now Jesus, I love calling your name it’s Jesus in the morning, Jesus at noon day, Jesus, in the evening, Jesus in the late night hours when my mind is reeling out of control, and sleep is nowhere to be found it’s you Jesus. I ask that you would allow the rain of your Holy Spirit fall upon me in this day, O in the name of Jesus Lord I’m asking you to let your mantle of your power fall fresh upon me in this day, it’s just something about your name when I call you because no matter how I feel you become my quicker picker upper, Jesus, when I don’t feel like it just because you wrap your arms around, that’s why I love calling your name because something happens. Fill me now Father, open my eyes in the name of Jesus, please Jesus, that which may hinder me move it, I refuse to stay blind and operate in spiritual blindness anymore Jesus, you told me that darkness cannot comprehend light come on Jesus and let you light shine upon me, this day I am removing myself from every evil spiritual decoy demon there is, I reject, every arrow fired against my spiritual life, my mind right now in the name of Jesus. Now have your way with me this morning, because it’s just something about your name Father demons trembler, it’s something about that name when I call on it now matter If I’m in my feelings or not when I call upon that name everything in my world seems right, I love Jesus, there’s nobody like you Jesus, when you with Lord, God I don’t feel along, it doesn’t matter who don’t come around, it doesn’t matter who don’t call, it doesn’t matter who don’t text, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, because when I call upon that name things began to happen, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, this prayer on this morning is for anybody that feel rejected this morning, this prayer is for anyone who don’t feel wanted, this prayer is for anybody, who have tried and they ready to throw in the towel, this prayer, is for my brother, for you my sister, I don’t what your condition is just call on the name of Jesus, and watch Him make everything alright. It’s just something about that name, and I thank you master because you took nothing and made something out of and that was me, thank you master and I could ask why me all day long but I just want to say thank you in Jesus,  Amen, Amen.



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