Prayer God you won again….

God O God you did again, and I thank you Hallelujah, you won again, Lord somebody need this on this morning, Lord somebody need you to revive them on this morning, Lord somebody need you to heal them this morning, why do they need you Lord, because you have won again and again and again, somebody need you to heal cancer in their body, somebody need to heal blood pressure problems in their bodies, their children bodies, O God you have won again and again, over and over and over you did, you did somebody give Him a praise right where you are, praise is what we do, we want God to do something let’s give Him the biggest praise we can give this morning.  Lord let your power fall when you people call on you in this day, prove yourself again mighty to them in this day. O God fight our battles, so that God your people can tell somebody in this day you did it, you did it for them again. Please Jesus fight my battles for me Jesus, so I can tell my family that you have won again, please Jesus fight for me yet again, so I can tell somebody who don’t know you that you have won it for me again, O God I know you can save I’ve seen you do it. I know you can deliver because you delivered me, I know you can heal because you healed my body, I know you can feed those who have no food because I know what you did for me Lord I’ve seen you do over and over and over and over, Lord have mercy.  Lord I thank you for my one on one time with you on this morning, I don’t want to be selfish, but right now Father, I need you , I need to leave some issues with you this day because I don’t want to be way down with them any more master, so thank you for my one on one time and because I know you can handle it far better than I, I’m leaving and don’t want to pick it up any more, Lord God I realize we as your people we are nothing without you I ask that you would breath down on us Jesus help us to know that you have brought us all most to the end of another year, but in the year to come 2016 Lord let us know that we can dream bigger, we can live better, and that we should become more committed unto you. Now Jesus in this day help your people to grow wiser and stronger so that they will you all that’s due unto you Jesus, let them know that you are the answer to all our problems for you are the problem solver. Father as your people become closer to their purpose help them not to give up or give in before that purpose is birth right now in the name of Jesus. Jesus I just want to thank you for paying all for us up on that cross. Amen.




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