Prayer for Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting

O God I come this morning praying for those police office the one that loss his life on Friday and the other officer that were shot and those who were in the clinic at the time of the shooting, Father I come praying for the shooter, Robert Lewis Dear, Father it’s in times like these your people don’t know what to do, but I come asking for peace in the minds of those family member that were taken, I know master that they are having a hard time understanding why, I pray that Father you blood would cover those family and even now master I ask that you would even have mercy upon the shooter, Lord I ask that has he prepare to go to court that God justice would be served, and when it is I can only pray that these family might find some closer. O to be kept you Jesus, that’s what these families need today. Lord fill your people up this day with your spirit, I know they want revenge but you said revenge is mine, and so we pray that the justice system will do their job, O God fill up the minds of people who are being hurt by this, it’s a tragic I know but you are God and you said earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot and will not heal. Lord, Jesus it’s at your feet is where your people need to be right now, because even in the mist of this God we should still have a praise I know it hurts, but I understand when praises goes up the power of God does comes down, O my God and my savior, there is none like you. God yes even in this I do speak life, I do claim healing, I do ask that you would restore the faith in the name of Jesus. Father yes even now Lord, I ask that you would release  your  power upon the life of those who have lost their love ones, release the gift of healing, gift of miracles and signs and wonders upon them that one day Father they will fully understand just who you are and just how powerful you are. Father I ask for a demonstration of your spirit and power upon your people life allow the mark of the blood of the Lamb and resurrection power be on open display in their lives, Father use this situation so that your power maybe manifest and your authority on earth O Lord, would be release, I ask you now that you would release your angels of power to surround those families right now in the name of Jesus. Oh lord let your angels ascend and descend according to your words I speak Lord, release your glorious power against the enemy (Exodus 15:6). Let your power and might be released from your hand (1 Chronicles 29:12). Than master let the power of your anger be released against the powers of darkness (Psalm 90:11). O Lord let your promises be fulfilled in the lives of those who have lost their love ones. Let your power be in their hands to heal Father help them to let go and let you God.  Scatter the enemy by your power (Psalm 59:11). Thank you master in Jesus name Amen.




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