Prayer I still have my praise

Father, God I come to you on this morning as I set up on side of my bed, I been through some things and just mere fact that I can come to on this morning with still a praise on my lips, I want to say thank you Lord, for all you done for me, thank you for keeping me when I couldn’t keep myself, thank you for loving me when I didn’t think to love my own self enough, thank Lord, for not giving up me, because if you had given up on me I might have just laid down and die, but God it was so many times you brought through life hard lesson and yet I still have my praise. O God, even when I didn’t think I could hold my head up anymore, because of the lies that were being told on me, I still had my praise, even when I was being put down laughed at and talked about I still had my praise, I don’t know , I don’t know I don’t know how I would have made had you given up on me, but I thank this morning for your grace and mercy, thank Lord because I still have my praise, I know that sometimes I still act as though I got it going on, I know at time at act as though I don’t need help, but then God I get a little reminder because when I should be going forward, I find myself sinking once and then all I can do is look up toward the heavens and say Jesus, Jesus , Jesus, O Jesus, and there are just one more time going to pick up and place my feet on solid ground, dust me off, clean me up ready to send me back out among the wolves, because each time I fall and you pick me up I get a little bit more stronger and a little bit more tougher, I can’t make without Jesus, so come on in this morning and stir up the gift on the inside of me, it not my mamma, that’s calling you , it’s not my daddy that need because they already fought their fight and they won, the battle, and now they are resting in your arms, but it’s me, it’s me O Lord, that’s standing, bowing, lifting up my hands to you master, calling you out this morning I need you Jesus, I need right now master, I need you tomorrow, Jesus, I need you to straighten out my crocked ways, I need you to help to clear out my mind, I need you to help me to step out of my past, past hurts, past disappointments, past setbacks, O Lord, I need you, I need you every hour, I need you every second of the my day, but I still have my praise, glory to God, in spite of what the enemy tried to do I still have my praise, there are times my money is funny but I still have my praise, because word tell me it’s none but the righteous that shall see your face and no matter how much hell I go through down here in this old world, I still got my praise, no matter the problems I have with my children I still got my praise, no matter the problem I have in my home I still got my praise, I got my praise, Lord, God I will praise you in my bad times, and in my good times, no matter the circumstance because I still have my praise. I may have some lonely nights, but when I need somebody to hold I just up and set up on side that old bed, and just began to have a little talk with you master and before I know it my arms are around me and that lets’ me know you just step into the room and that you got me and I’m safe in your arms, it’s nobody but you Jesus, I still have my praise and you know just when to come in when my heart is heavy and I feel discouraged because I’ve been let down by man, but I still have my praise, I will clap my hands, stomp my feet and sing my song because I still got my praise. You are my friend, you are my King, and you are Lord or Lords. Because you inhabit the praises of your people that’s why I still have my praise, I think you this morning master for hearing my plead I never shall forget, because when all else feel I still have my praise. Hallelujah, Amen.

Minister AJ



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