Prayer of Surrender Deeper relationship with God

May your will be done Matthew 26:42 O God my Father, today this prayer is for those that want to surrender unto you so that may have a deeper relationship with master, help them to surrender their all unto you, help them to turn their heart over unto you, I’m asking that you would arrest their minds that God after you  have spend some time with them they are ready to give you there all.  Lord, God speak to their hearts that they would say yes to your will and yes to your way. I’m asking that you would open the most inner secret place of their hearts. Lord showed them how to receive you as their savior, Father God have them to not withhold anything back, and Father while they are surrendering unto you if there be any illness about their body help them to surrender that too. Father let them know that you are the way the truth and the light. Lord you said in your word that we ought to get understand help them understand that your ways are not their way, and there is not yours. It’s time master for you said chose ye this day who you will serve; I pray they chose you Jesus. Lord where they are weak I ask that you would make them strong. I pray that they would surrender their emotions, their fears, and their insecurities unto you master for this is my prayer in Jesus name Amen.

Minister AJ


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