Thank you for yet another day

O God I sat and as I was looking all around this morning I began to wander about just how much you love us and it was right then and there it was nothing we did O how I began to have such a peace that came about I realized that peace only comes from you, so I just want to say thank you for yet another day that you have kept us, you not only kept us, but you saw us through seen and unseen dangers throughout this day. I thank you for enlightening of our minds with your truth, God I thank you because we don’t have to look back on the ashes of all the things that were done unfairly to us, or even the things that we done that were wrong. But God I hear you say that if your people would only trust you to raise them up yet again from those ashes, that we could put on a new attitude, we could put on  new walk, I’m thanking you master for yet another day, another day that was not promise to any of us, another day to show somebody some your goodness and mercy, thank you for yet another day because God you said that when you bring us up again from the ashes of life, you have promise that if we would just obey you would bring us into greater, Hallelujah and I thank you Lord, God. Lord as this day comes to an end thank you for traveling grace, and allowing us to make it home, thank you for your angels that have watched over us all day, I just bless you O God for all that you have done in this day in Jesus name Amen.



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