Prayer for stroke Patients

Lord, here I am I’m coming to you this evening Dear Lord, I’ve been praying since this morning, and believing that all is well I don’t know how bad the stroke was, but what I do know is God you are a healer, Father God I’m asking you now Jesus that you would bring about a peace that passes all understanding, Please Lord guard their hearts and souls and give them an awareness of your close encounter with them so that they know that they are not alone in this, that you are right there with them. Bless them to see that their hurt and trials can still be useful to your glory, strengthening in this hour of need you promise never to leave them nor forsake them. Let them know that you have deliberately come that you might heal their bodies, my prayer is that the doctor’s do all they can to get to them up and walking once again, I’m asking O God that they can see right through these trials that you still get all the glory, Bless them to see that their hurt and trials will now become their testimony, of how good you are master, you can and you will get the Glory out of this, strengthen them in this hour of need you promised that you would not leave them nor forsake them. They know too much about you Father, May they know Father that you are with them? Now, lords fill their heart with your peace so they may know that they are victorious in this. Lord you are just setting them up for the best testimony of their faith even in the mist of this. So I come into agreement with my brothers and my sisters, for healing in their bodies will react to every command of treatments that the doctors and nurses of giving them. Now look upon their home cover their home watch over their home, protect and keep them safe while they are in the hospital Lord, God, I give you the glory now Jesus, speak to their minds and to their hearts that they will feel peace, and there won’t be anything lacking while in the hospital, every need of that family will be met in your name Jesus. I ask now Lord that you place your hand of healing over these mighty man and women of God in the name of Jesus; I declare and decree so in the mighty name of Jesus because you said by your stripes they are heal, Amen.

Minister AJ


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