Prayer for Strength in God

Father I can only imagine how she is feeling on this morning, O God she needs your strength as only you can give, I mean you have allowed her to see another birthday and yet she’s grateful for that but fine herself weary about other things, you have promised that you would not leave her, you have promised that you would not forsake her, you have promised to be her rock, you have promise to be her provider, so my Father I come because you said that whatever we bond on earth you would bond in heaven and whatever we lose in the earth you would lose in the heavens, you are the almighty Father that sets high above the earth, Lord, God give her daily bread in this day, and lead her not into temptation, for it’s your glory and power I prayer.  Lord in her weariness show up for her, Lord hear my voice, let your ears be attentive to her voice and her supplication. God I know for myself that there is mercy in your forgiveness. Because with you Lord there is mercy and with you she should see no lack, Father  I come on her behalf this morning asking that you would wrap your arms around her and her six children Father may they lack nothing in this day, every need, and every provision shall be met.  So God we come to simply say thank you, thank you for increase, thank you for her home, thank you for another birthday, thank you that her children are in good health, thank you that even when she take two steps you will take five and there won’t be any set back, thank you for the peace that she has on job that she could go back too in time the increase will come, we thank you for life, we thank you that this will be the best day of her life, not because it’s her birthday but because you are God. We thank you for overall change, now master anything that needs to change do swiftly master, that as she look to the hills that is where her help comes from, began to thank Him baby, and bless Him for your situation changing in the name of Jesus. Praise Him in the middle of your mess, and watch God bless you openly in front of all, I declare and decree it right now in Jesus name He can’t lie, and He won’t. We give you glory right now for everything that you are about to do in this day for her and her family because God every time she turnaround you will keep on keeping her in the mist of it all in Jesus name Amen.

Minister AJ


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