Prayer for being Broken and battered

Lord, we live in a world that condemns and talk about situation and yet does nothing to help improve them. We live in a world where we rather talk about the person before we would even help them, because all we can say that it’s their fault why didn’t they do this or that, God I don’t come to pass judgement upon anybody, because sometimes even when you have given a way of escape we just don’t take it, for whatever the reason maybe, but today God I come for the bruised, the battered, the rejected boy and girl, woman or man, because they need to know that you love them. Lord, we live in a world that fails to prosecute the crimes of the privileged, the rich and even the powerful, because we assume that they are telling the truth and they somehow have become the victim rather than the other way around. Lord today I come on behalf of those people asking that you would bind up their brokenness. Lord I come on behalf of those who were assaulted, rape, and for far too long master that has been the story of the black woman and maybe even some black men, and God so that I’m not seeming to biases all races,  but Lord I’m reminder of the Samaritan woman, who encounter some of the very things we encounter ourselves, the people blamed her, demoralized her, in fact they may have even wanted to stone her, but God I love what you did next, one day you met that woman at the well and told her all things about herself, Lord have mercy, this same woman went around telling everybody about you Jesus, she wanted them to know that you were the Messiah that knew all things, that you was the one that could give that living water and they would never thirst again., I pray that O God that the broken, the bruised, and abused will soon come to know that you love them in spite of what they have done and or allowed someone to do to them, love them now God in spite of their situation, love them back into submission O God, love them so that they may know the you are the God that heals all wombs in the name of Jesus Amen.



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