Engagement prayer

Father there are those who have prayed and cried and asked that you would bless them with a husband / wife, well now Master I come this day thanking you for your promised kept, thanking you for allowing them to have hold themselves steadfast in their waiting, because master they too found that in the waiting process they were able to have a better relationship with you Lord, now the time has come and you have blessed them with their Ruth and their Boaz. O God we know that anything and everything you create is good, you said it was good when you created Eve for Adam for you said it was not good for man to be along, God you created marriage and we thank you right now for that. Marriage represents the great love that you have for us your children, in fact you said in your word that one day you would come back for your bride the church, Lord, God as many will become engaged before this year is out and began to plane for their weddings, help them to remember this one thing that marriage is a covenant that you have with them, and that as they enter into that covenant let them know that all is yours and all there is yours, and that on that day when they become one it’s no longer mind but ours. O God I pray that they would understand the one thing to the building of a really good marriage is communication, and having Faith in your and them having faith in each other. O God let them both read your read daily and have them to pray without ceasing, bless them now O God I pray that they would give both their live separate and together always in your hands, I ask that all provision are provided for them and they grow each day to love each other unconditionally, have them to love you that much more, for you will always be the first love of their life and in their life in Jesus name I pray Amen.

Minister AJ


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