World Prayer

Our Father, you are the true and living God, you are Lord and King, you are ruler and super ruler of this world, we come crying out this afternoon master that we might draw close to thee, I come asking that you would help your children to become more change by your love every day and by your mercy, not being anxious for nothing. But that they would feel your love for them. Father when things happen in this world and we can’t rape our minds around it, like what going on right now in Paris France, Russia, Kenya your people and even I Lord, God don’t understand why the people of this world are so cold and hard hearted and sometimes God those who just don’t know you well enough to hold on till the change come sometimes find themselves becoming distracted and distanced all at the same time. But Lord, I come today asking for more of your Glory upon this world and your people, because there should never be a time where we are so busy we can’t stop to say thank you, for you are the one that sent your only son into this world to redeem us from sin, you sent you only son into this world that we might have life and it more abundantly, you send your son into this world that we might love one another as you love us. But even in these day and times we merely find our self-moving further and further away because we are allowing the sins of this old world to take over, our pride get in the way, our self –idolatry get in the way, Father, God please draw your people back into the safety of your arms. I’m asking you today Father that you would shine down upon your people even now in those war torn countries, even right here in our own back yard. Lord I’m asking you to create in us a clean heart and renew in us a right spirit. Father come on and step and do only what you do best, Hebrews 8:10 says let us be cleansed of this so we may have pure hearts before you. We beg you to shine down upon us and put your laws in our mind, write them on our hearts; be our God and we will be your people. We want the glory of your name to erupt in our lives; we want to see your people in a closer relationship with you. We want to see those who don’t know you fall on their knees and profess your name, King Jesus. Lord teach us to worship you in a new and fresh way on today master is my prayer in the name of Jesus Amen.

 Minster AJ



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