Prayer for when a Doctor gives up

Lord when the doctor  says there no more surgery they can give, I just want your people to know that  Dear Lord Jesus, you went about healing all those who were sick, I know that you are a healer and the doctors says there is nothing else they can do, well I stop by tonight to let you know that my God is still in the miracle working business, Father look at what you did for the lepers and only one came back to say thank you, I believe on tonight my Father that even now you can speak to her situation, open her ear gates that she can hear you speak to her body, I’m asking that you send forth your life-giving power to her body. If I have accepted medical beliefs that I should not have, I would have been gone away from here a long time ago, but I stood on your word and you healed my body and I know that you are no respect of person, my sister need a healing Jesus, and if it be your will I ask that you would allow that healing to come forth right now in the name of Jesus, I denounce every symptom of her illness, and I ask to that you would set  her free by the power of your blood in Jesus name Amen.

Minister AJ


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