Prayer for a Knee replacement

In the name of Jesus, under the power and authority of the Lord God Almighty, I command right now in the Jesus a smooth healing process from the surgery on this sister knee, you did it for me and I was up and walking in less time than the Dr. said I would be. Your assignment and influences are over will surly take presentenced over what the doctor says. I rebuke all pain in the name of Jesus, and I command every part of her body to line up with your word on tonight God with your stripes she is healed, set free and being delivered to get back up on her feet, thank Lord Jesus. I rebuke all spirits of infirmity, nerve disorder, in her knee everything that to that knee that it mend back the way it supposed to be. Lord Jesus, I thank you for your healing power. I ask you to send forth your ministering, medical and surgical angels, to repair and restore in her body. I ask that you send forth your Holy Spirit and fill her with your love, light, peace and joy. Come Holy Spirit and transform her into the child of God that you intended her to be in the name of Jesus Amen.

Minister AJ


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