Grace and Mercy

Every day we need you Lord. But this day especially, we need some extra strength to face whatever is to be. This day more than any day we need to feel you near, to fortify our courage and to overcome our fear. By our self, we cannot meet the challenges of the hour, this day or even the rest of this year. There are times Oh God when humans just can’t help, but we need a higher power to bear what must be borne, and so dear Lord, I come this morning praying for your grace and mercy, hold on to our trembling hand and troubling mind. Father, I come by this morning to say thank you for being the God of every blessing, the fount of every joy, and the source of everything good. I know it is in your heart to bless the lives of your children, and as your child, God I come this morning desiring your blessing upon the life of your people. Thank you that your blessings will enrich their lives; I’m asking Oh, God that you would leave them in this day without sorrow, bring them the treasures of  your grace, and express all the kindness of your favor upon them. Thank you, Father, your blessings abound to us in Christ, they are ours freely because of the great price your son paid. We thank you that because we are in Him, You have showered upon us every blessing that heaven could possibly give. We receive your blessings for this day as we walk with you I ask for your hand to cover us, your power to keep us, your face to shine upon us, your love to fill us, your strength to sustain us, and your sufficiency to be our portion in every need we face. I ask you to bless the work of our hands as we serve you in your appointed and anointed places. Father, I desire above all, the greatest blessing of all, the blessing of your daily presence. Our relationship with you means everything! We cannot live in the poverty of not knowing you. We just want more of you Father, we want to know and love you more to walk with you, break bread withy, speak our heart to you, and respond to you as we hear your voice in this day.

Lord, I know you are merciful because you have shown us time and time again. I’ve been taught that you provide grace and mercy in spite of our behavior and in spite of our sins. You are a good God that comes to those that need you, no matter what. And Lord, we need you now in our life more than ever. Father there is a Mother that’s in the hospital with her child and she is yet holding on, I know that we are not perfect. I know that our sins are not hidden from you. I know that, at times, we sin knowing Jesus it’s a sin. I know you love us despite our human nature. Lord, we need you today to provide for this mother and child. They need your grace in their life to provide strength, because Lord that Mother is tried but she still holding strong to her faith, she feel like she’s facing every obstacle imaginable since these last 34 days put every day she still showing us her courage, and I pray God that you walk into that hospital room and touch and heal that baby body and while you touching that baby body, touch that Mother body too.  I need you to give her the strength and provide her with the guidance to overcome no cross no crown. So we are standing with our dear sister on this morning.  Lord I need you to give us direction in darker times when we wonder if we can even face the next day. You can move the mountains that block our way in life. You can give to us what we need in our life. Please, Please Lord, I ask of you to come in right now Father and just speak to our soul peace be still, we are open to it and ready to accept it. Allow our heart to always be focused on you and make our desire to live for you. Lord, I know from the scripture that your grace is bestowed no matter what, so I just ask for it today. I may not always be perfect, but we serve a perfect God. Lord, help me be better. Help us see this day a clear, narrow path in front of us so we can walk in your ways and in your glory. In your name, I declare and decree Amen Amen.

Minister AJ


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